Hi, I'm Donna Bishop, artist/entrepreneur.

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Hidden Message Hand Painted Ornaments
The personalized, customized, one-of-a-kind gift to give this season!
Acrylic Paintings
Acrylic paintings on canvas. Mostly wildlife and landscapes. Original paintings are for sale. Limited edition reproductions on canvas of some paintings are also available in various sizes.
Watercolour paintings on paper. Original paintings are for sale. Limited edition prints of some paintings are available on paper and canvas.
Liquid Glass & Acrylic Art
Liquid Glass is a formulated pouring medium that accepts colour beautifully, dries very hard and clear with an extremely high-gloss finish. I mix it with acrylic paints to product stunning artwork on canvas and household objects to create functional art. Best displayed in natural or well lit areas where it will almost appear to be painted on glass.
3D & Mixed Media
Acrylic paintings on canvas with 3 dimensional elements created with modelling paste. Pallet knifes are used to create the texture. Original paintings are for sale. Some paintings are available to be custom ordered. Occasionally limited reproductions are made from the mixed media paintings. The beauty of the artwork reproduces onto the canvas prints, but the reproductions do not have the 3d effects.
High quality reproductions of my original artwork on everyday items such as mugs, totes, greeting cards, pillows, apparel, posters/prints and more! This is only an example of the product line available.
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